Our earrings are also made of dichroic glass and, like the pendants, the display above shows a small selection of the hundreds of earrings that we make. There are earrings with texture or ripples, earrings with a pattern or earrings with a smooth surface and lots of color. We maintain a large inventory of dichroic glass for the earrings.

Some of the earrings have an organic look and feel to them as a result of being fired in the kiln. I believe this is one of the things that make these earrings so aluring.

Earrings are sold by the dozen and are made rectangular or round. Pierced earrings is our mainstay but we can make clip ons. Some of the earrings can be duplicated. It all depends on the glass that is available at a time. Earrings typically take a couple of weeks to ship as we have trouble keeping up with the orders.