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This website is wholesale only and because of the complexity in ordering, we require a purchase order or an email to make sure you get exactly what you want and of course we look forward to discussing your options 1-250-228-4524 or museglassinc@gmail.com.

Our pendants are handcrafted using Dichroic Glass and are sold by the dozen. All pendants shown on this website are sold. They are on the site for demonstration purposes only. You can buy pendants all of the same shape or mix and match. Each pendant is unique and cannot be duplicated. Once an order is received, we will do our best to provide you with an excellent variety of color and texture when we assemble your order. (We have never had a complaint!) All pendants come with an 18” sterling silver chain and a silver plated bail. The pendants are shipped in gift boxes, and best of all, we pay the freight, (in Continental United States and Canada) as long as they are shipped by post. Pendants are a stock item so can ship quite quickly.

We look forward to providing you with the laser etched pendants. There is almost no limitation on what shape, including logos, that can be cut into a pendant. Can’t wait to hear your ideas! Of course these are a custom order and may take up to 3 weeks. We have kept the pricing to a bare minimum.

Earrings are either round or rectangular. Our regular earrings are for pierced ears however we can make clip on earrings. (surprisingly quite popular) Earrings are made from Dichroic Glass in a miriad of colors, textures and prints. They are made at random, from a large collection of available glass, some earrings can be duplicated others cannot. Earrings usually take about two weeks.

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Pendants $ 35.00 x 12

Theme pendants $ 37.00 x 12

Earrings (carded) $ 20.00 x 12.

All prices are in U.S. dollars

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20” Dichroic Glass Bowl by Robert and Sean (priceless)