A journey to jewelry

Hi, I am Robert Tutty co-creator of our jewelry. As a boy, growing up in a small prairie city in the middle of nowhere, devoid of culture, probably contributed to my complete lack of any skills or interest in the arts. Moving on my own to Calgary I acquired an interest in stained glass and after several lessons I went on to making lamps and small windows.

In my late 20’s I started building a luxury home and over the next 15 years built half a dozen more. This satisfied my creative need. As a young lad, my son Sean, liked to accompany me to the work sites where he would head to the scrap pile and build whatever his imagination came up with.

During this time I also turned my attention to large scale landscaping and over the years built several large gardens. In my last home in Calgary, I had a huge lot on a lake, where I planted more than 400 shrubs and trees. After a couple of years, not content with just maintaining my gardens, I came up with the idea of building a topiary of a dragon along the side of my home. Sean thought I was crazy but agreed to come along for the ride. We brought in heavy equipment to dig holes for the footings. We mixed our own cement and reinforced the footings with steel. We then measured the distance and elevations of where the dragon’s feet would be in relation to the house and then headed to the warehouse.

With only an idea in my head, Sean and I started cutting, bending and welding steel and after a couple of months had the body of the dragon completed. We decided to make the dragon head out of pounded copper and another two months passed as we completed the head.

It was now time to disassemble the dragon and move it to my home. Once the 80 foot dragon was reassembled we planted virginia creeper vines to cover the dragon body and used red wave petunias to act as the fire from the mouth of the dragon to the ground below.

A few years later we moved to the west coast and I soon found that I was bored. I came across a store putting on a class in glass fusing. I took the class and this resulted in me buying all of the equipment for my new found hobby.

After a year or so of making bowls and plates, which we mostly gave away to friends and family, I discovered dichroic glass. I was in awe of the brilliant colors and textures so I bought some and spent many weeks mining the internet for information on how to make jewelry. After a few months I found that I was making some beautiful pendants, which I showed to Sean, and he immediately asked to learn my techniques. We decided that there might be a commercial application and here we are. We have refined our processes over the past 3 years and have arrived with the products we now sell.