Theme Pendants

All of the pendants above have been laser etched with an animal, bird or fish. These pendants resulted from a meeting we had in Las Vegas with Judy Rancour, Director of Retail Operation at the St. Louis Zoo and President of ZAG. She came into our booth at the trade show, saw our pendant display, loved it, but asked if there was a chance we could do something a little more zooey. We advised her that when we got back home, we would give it a try. After a couple of miss hits we came up with the etched pendants. Judy has since stocked her gift shop with a nice display of these.

The shapes displayed above, plus the heart, are the easist to Laser Etch because of their size. These pendants can be etched with almost any animal, fish, plant or logo. Great keepsakes to remind people of their visit to your site.